A Detailed Guide to AddictionCounselorCE.com

1. Sign up for FREE membership

With your membership account you get free access to a number of system features, such as full previews of the course exams, notification of new courses and more. Once you sign up a FREE course is placed in your Member Account, which you can access at any time.

We suggest that you finish reading this overview prior to signing up for a free membership. For your convenience we have a link to sign-up at the bottom of this page.

2. Find a course that interests you.

Click the Courses tab. [courses tab]

[search box] You can view courses by format (i.e., online article, book, tape, etc.) number of course credits, or content topics. There’s also a search box where you can search by course number or keyword.

The search will produce a “Course Listing Page”, providing an image, an excerpt of the description, and some factual data. Click the image or the course title of a course to view the full details for the course, including the exam questions.

On the details page for the course, you will see all the relevant information about it, including the exam questions. (If you don’t see the exam questions, you’ll need to login to your member account first).

At the bottom of the “Course Details Page”, you will find the Exam Questions. This is the actual course exam. We highly encourage you to print out the exam questions, so that you can circle your answers on the printout as you review the course material. You won’t be submitting the printed exam, so it’s not required that you do this, just very helpful. If you do not see the exam, you must login to your member account first. Exams are only displayed to logged-in members.

3. Read the course materials.

On the “Course Details Page” there is a link to “Get Course Materials” that gives you access to the course material.

For courses that are based on an online article, the link will bring up the article itself.
For books, this link will lead to a reputable retailer where you may purchase the book (usually Amazon.com). This link is simply for your convenience; you can obtain the book wherever you like – e.g. from the library, colleague, etc.

4. Return to the website and click “Take Exam.”

The system will prompt you to login if you haven’t done so already. If you’re a new customer, at this point you can either choose to take advantage of one of our package deals, or you can just pay the fee for the one exam. Learn more about Pricing and Payment >>

If you’re prompted for payment for the free course, or if you have already paid, you just need to login to your member account. You must login in order for the system to recognize you and bypass the payment page. You can access any course you’ve already paid for, or the free course, as well as view your history of completed exams, on the exam history page in your member account.

After the payment is completed, you can take your course exam immediately.

5. Complete the Course Exam

The passing score for all exams is 75%. All credits are based on a pass/fail basis. The exam questions are always multiple-choice or true/false. In a nutshell, you’ll complete a brief pre-exam survey, select the answer for each exam question, and then submit your exam. You’ll get your results immediately. The score is presented for your information only. The score is not reported to your state board or any other entity, and does not appear on your certificate.

Your entire exam will be presented on one page. For longer exams, you can use the “Save Exam” button at the bottom to save partially-complete exam and then resume it later from your Exam History page.

Because of potential problems with Internet services, such as timing out (freezing up), we highly recommend that you record your answers on the exam question printout and then enter them all at once for each course.

We highly value your feedback! The accrediting organizations also require that we ask some questions. Therefore, before you get to the exam itself, we ask that you complete a very brief evaluation of your experience. Your feedback in particular helps make ACCE better for everyone. We do read all feedback messages!

Printing Your Certificate

Once your exam is complete, you will need to select which approval organization is most relevant to your needs, for example NAADAC or NBCC. If more than one organization is relevant, choose one and then you can re-enter your member account, click modify certificate link, select a different approval organization and print another copy of your certificate for the other organization.

You can reprint your certificate at any time from the Exam History page in your account.

A Second Chance

If you do not pass the exam the first time around, you get a free second chance. You will find your exam listed in your member’s home page.

Questions? Need Help?

We’re always happy to hear from you. If you have questions, concerns or other comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.