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Course Category: Group Counseling

10 courses found.

Course ID Title Credits Format
102915 Special Issues for Women in Recovery Groups
(120 ratings)
2 Online
102562 TIP 41-Substance Abuse Treatment-Group Therapy- Group Leadership, Concepts and Techniques
(431 ratings)
3 Online
102557 Individual versus Group Female-Specific Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder
(220 ratings)
1 Online
102546 Group Therapy for Substance Use Disorders-A Survey of Clinician Practices
(258 ratings)
1 Online
102534 Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy TIP 41 - Why Groups and Types of Groups
(401 ratings)
3 Online
102527 Substance abuse treatment: Group therapy
(67 ratings)
1.25 Online
102523 TIP 41-Substance Abuse Treatment-Group Therapy-Stages of Treatment and Training and Supervision
(100 ratings)
2 Online
102522 TIP 41-Substance Abuse Treatment-Group Therapy-Criteria for Placement and Group Development
(266 ratings)
3 Online
102128 Treatment Modalities and Settings (TIP 56, Chapter 5): Addressing the Specific Behavioral Health Needs of Men
(153 ratings)
3 Online
101793 How to Implement Cognitive-Behavioral Self-Management Intervention: From Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention for Older Adults--A Group Treatment Approach
(382 ratings) Available until Mar 31, 2021
2 Online

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