The Real 13th Step : Discovering Confidence, Self-Reliance, and Independence Beyond the 12-Step Programs

About the Course:

A powerful, exercise and information packed manual to accompany the journey of people in recovery. Help your clients develop the three central skills of true autonomy risk taking, problem solving, and coping with failure and how to apply them to every aspect of their lives. You’ll also learn the six steps necessary to create real inner change: techniques so powerful, they’re called “magical tools”. Using the book, therapists can learn what clients need to complete their recovery and achieve self-confidence and autonomy.


Tessina, Tina, Ph.D.

About the Author:

Dr. Tessina, is the author of numerous books. She lectures and conducts workshops nationwide on all of her books, and has appeared on all major television and radio shows, including Donohue, Oprah, Geraldo, and Larry King Live. She is frequently quoted as an expert in magazines such as “Glamor”, “Women’s World”, “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Cosmopolitan”.

Course Objectives:

  1. to learn how the twelve steps can help or hinder a client’s recovery, and how to help the
    client use them properly.

  2. to understand the three Skills of Autonomy: Risk-taking, Problem-solving and Handling
    Disappointment and Failure, and why they’re important.

  3. to understand the Three Elements of Autonomy: Awareness, learning, forgiveness, and how
    they apply to clients’ lives.

  4. To learn the six magical tools: for changing the subconscious.

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