Substance Abuse and the Family

Defining the Role of the Faith Community

About the Course:

This course presents information for mental health professionals who utilize a religious-based approach as well as other professionals seeking to learn about core competencies in addressing alcohol and drug dependence. The impact of substance abuse on family members is also reviewed in this course.


Report of an Expert Consenus Panel

About the Author:

Prepared by the National Association for Children of Alcoholics and the Johnson Institute under contract with SAMHSA

Recommended For:

This is an intermediate to advanced level course for pastoral ministers, counselors, and other mental health professionals who seek knowledge about working with persons of faith.

Course Objectives:

  1. Define and implement core competencies for treating substance abuse.

  2. Summarize the clergy’s base of knowledge and skills.

  3. Evaluate and describe so-called “next steps” recommendations.

  4. identify suggested tools for seminary training.

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